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Beverages page 7 Ernest Samuel Llime

This is a Romanian sour cherry alcoholic beverage. My father used to make a large batch of it in the summer and let it sit for a few months. In the winter he would open it up and by spring it would be all gone. I used to eat the cherries and my mom always yelled at me because they were quite intoxicating, but my dad would intervene saying something like: 'Oh come on, let the boy have a few of cherries.' Apparently it is quite easy to make, so here are some guidelines. As a rule, I do not use white sugar, the bleaching process uses too many chemicals and I do not think that it enhances the taste in any way. I am also weary of brown sugar, the large sugar packagers just mix some of the molasses back into their white sugar. Try to find some natural unbleached cane sugar. Also try to use a higher proof (100-120) alcohol if possible.

1 lb Morello sour cherries
3/4 lb granulated sugar (unbleached)
1 liter vodka or brandy

Wash and stem the cherries.
Place cherries into a large sealable glass jar.
Cover cherries with sugar.
Let them ferment for 3-4 days.
Pour alcohol on top.
Seal and store in dark cool place for 3 months.
Strain into two 1 liter (or quart) bottles.
Place cherries into a smaller jar and refrigerate.
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