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ESL - 21st Century Nursery Rhymes
21st Century Nursery Rhymes
ESL - March & July, 2009 - Woodhaven

Who's the faster master
Made of alabaster
Why it's Run-Run Shaw
Thought you oughta know

We're singing, we're singing,
Your telephone is ringing,
Splish-splash in the water
Jump in favorite daughter.

Gram'pa is so silly,
He got a goat named Billy,
He milks it every day,
But all he gets is whey.

Here come some visitors 1,2,3
Jump up and count them 1,2,3
Count'em again say 1,2,3
It's Obama, Osama, yo' mama and me!

Who's gonna save us, Mr. Lee
You gone and so is master, so we see
Look out and see us - run, run, run
We're not afraid just kidding 'cause it's fun, fun, fun

Come on you silly gram'pa jump off the boat,
The water is so nice and you just gonna float,
If you don't jump in quickly and leave the boat
I 'fraid someone who come, they gonna get your goat.

There goes a naughty boy his name is Tony
He likes a lotta pizza and loves the macaroni
Today he cannot eat not even minestroni
Not even one canolli, he's so full of baloney.

Copyright © 2009 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.
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