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ESL - Blue Snow

21st Century Nursery Rhymes
ESL - March, 2009 & July, 2014 - Woodhaven

Gram'pa is so silly,
He got a goat named Billy,
He milks it every day,
But all he gets is whey.
Lori is so pretty
And she got a lotta class
But when she bends over
You still try to grab her ass
7 pretty girls sitting in your back seat
6 of them are posing with their legs so high
You open up the door and 7 is no more
Throw out her broom and tell her:
You gotta learn to fly
Let's go do the loop-d-loop
Let us do the loop-d-li
I'll still respect you in the morning
Come'on baby please don't cry
They say that boys are rude
and girls are oh so sainted
But boys do not ex-foliate
nor do they go get painted
They say she's a dog She's a fox, she's a bitch
I wonder why anyone would ride one of each
Her pants split down the middle and we all laughed so hard
Well, some of us laughed and some of us got hard
Jiggle, jiggle, shake that middle
Turn it clockwise ma'am and let us grind that bum
Beautiful Lavinia has a spindle up her but
She walks just like a lady but we know that she's not.
There's this silly song
I try to sing along
But I can't pass the buck
At the first line I'm stuck
Bang. Bang Lulu (repeat 4-5 times)

Copyright © 2009 + 2014 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.

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