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A Collision of Destinies page 1 Ernest Samuel Llime

Chapter I

Neutrinos have been travelling in the Universe ever since the Big Bang.  Many more are being constantly created by our Sun.  I am not a scientist, but I have heard that every second, about 100 trillion of them pass straight through any human's body, without affecting or touching any of it. The amount that passes through Earth is some much larger and unfathomably meaningless number. And yet they very very rarely collide with anything.

If neutrinos could feel, they would probably feel like me - I too have been travelling since my own personal Big Bang brought me into existence, and before the events that I am about to write about, I never collided with anyone else. I guess there were some close encounters but it would be safe to say, that a true collision has only occurred about one year ago.

Even though naturally occurring neutrino collision are very rare, they do occur once in a while - one of them might collide with a proton, an electron, a photon or another one of such particles. I say one because that is how it happens. I had been existing without any collisions for more than 66 years, when it happened - strangely enough, when it happened, I collided with not one but two other particles (of the female kind.)

Because of that, some of you might say that the analogy is suspicious and that I should perhaps compare my situation to that of a rooster with two chickens, or a bull with two cows - to which I would reply that as far as I can tell, animals do not seem to have individual destinies and the description that comes to my mind when I think about the events of  June 14-15 of last year, is that it was:

"A Collision of Destinies":


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