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1000+1 Tails page 1 Ernest Samuel Llime

1000 & 1 Tails
ESL - March - 2012, Woodhaven

Sheherezade took 1000 & 1 nights to tell her 1000 & 1 tales
but this is the 21st century, people do not have that kind of attention span any more, so I will wrap mine up in less than 1 minute.

Nina came from Sweden and she fell for Bill
Bill is a bus driver with a crush on Lil
Lil however, doesn't - have any use for men
Not many people know that she's a closet lesbian

Nicky always wanted - a menage-a-trois
So she and Lou & Simeon - flew off to India
Yolanda is a happy sports fan who's just fulfilled her dream
The other day she did the last of an entire football team
(53 players, 29 coaches and 1 ex-water boy)

... and I, a dream have I, of Polynesian isles
900 & 9 naked girls and not another man
I know because I counted them, not once not even twice
But more, and I am counting still cause that is how I am!
Just in case some of you counted and may have come up short:
1st verse - 3
2nd verse - 3 (menage) + 1 (Yolanda) + 53 (players) + 29 (coaches) + 1 (ex-water boy) = 86
3rd verse - 1 (me) + 909 (tails)
That makes 999
add Sheherezade & and you - there you go:
1000 & 1 tales!

Copyright © 2012 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.

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