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Currant Marmalade page 10 Ernest Samuel Llime
Currant Marmalade
ESL - April 2016, Woodhaven

Rinse the red currants and place in a large pot
Add enough water to cover but drown the berries not.

Cook the red currants stirring frequently
Until they are soft and wilted looking somewhat like me.

Pass through a food mill, leave the seeds and the stems all behind
For each pound of puree add same sugar amount and don't mind

Any implication made by the carbohydrate nation
Just quadruple your eating time and use it to shake your behind

So, mix the puree and the sugar in a pot,
Cook over medium heat, stirring a lot, until sugar dissolves completely

Once it's roiling a-boil, wait five minutes and skim off the scum
Cool it for later to lick off the body of a beloved one.

Make sure to stir in a generous portion of kirsch
Before placing in jars, screwing lid tops on firmly.

Turn the jars upside down, do not get as confused as I am
Somehow I set up to make marmalade and it's all turned to jam.

Copyright © 2016 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.

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