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My Coque page 23 Ernest Samuel Llime
"I looked through all my pockets for my secret little stash,
and I've decided after taking stock,
I got a very very very good hand, but I'm all out of cash,
So I will wager you my cock. "

He whipped it out and we all gasped
And I said don't be such a fool
I do not need an African coque trophy
Besides why rid yourself of this world class and truly classy tool?

And he said: "I have been to fourteen countries
On four continents I did my many stunts
If added all together,
My coque has visited more than one thousand and one cunts,
But I am tired of being the sensation of the lay,
and of the many, many women that only want to play,
I'd rather trade it all for a small Jewish penis,
That might attract a little Jewish lady Venus,
At night I would be satisfied with just a little Jewish shtoop
And when I got a little sick, she'd feed me matzo ball soup.

In jumped Dr. Goldstein our urology surgery genius,
And said: "You know - we've come a long long way
Since John Wayne and Loreena Bobbit's day
I can perform the switch, with not a single hitch,
Just maybe a stitch, or two,
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