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Vagina Dream page 28 Ernest Samuel Llime

Vagina Dream
Ernest Samuel Llime - December, 2011 - Woodhaven

Last night I had the greatest dream I've ever dreamed, with closed or open eyes
I dreamt about vaginas - gently floating from the skies

At first there was a single one as light and white as snow
Floating like a feather into my outstretched hand below

I touched it in amazement thinking it must be a trick
And then I did what you would do, namely, gave it a lick

I guessed this one belonged to a Russian super-star
Because it tasted like the most exquisite - beluga caviar

More came like cherry blossom petals, a-blowing in the wind
I felt that I myself might be, some kind of hyacinth

Italian, Norse and Dutch vaginas - to whet my appetite,
Chinese and Japanese - like sushi - thought it would last all night

I found a Scottish one - I thought it'd be a Scotch
But when it tasted just like haggis - their fame went up a notch

Vaginas, vaginas, vaginas oh my
I sent a silent thank you prayer to our mama in the sky

A Greek one just like moussaka - then an Egyptian baklava
A Filipina sweet and sour tamarind - an Indonesian that's somehow become unpinned

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