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Mommys Couscous page 13 Ernest Samuel Llime
Wonder and Seth are 19 year old identical twins - but not at all mentally - where Seth is studious, polite and hard working, Wonder is lazy, rude and antagonistic - the one thing that they do have in common is a gift for languages and they are both multi-lingual. In order that you do not all sit and wonder what Seth and Wonder are talking about, I have prepared a list of key words with their English translations.

On this particular summer morning, they are both home from school - Wonder wakes up around 10 o'clock, showers and walks into the kitchen. Seth is sitting there working on a French crossword puzzle. He has a different language for each day of the week. Wonder is asking about the bubbling pots on the stove and Seth replies - in French, of course.

- Cette matin, papa a pris un poulet dans notre cour - Il l'a tue, et donné â mama. Mama préparé le poulet, le mettre en deux postes et placés sur la cuisiniêre. Elle est faire de la soupe et le couscous.

This just means "This Morning, papa caught a chicken in our yard - He killed it and gave it to mama. Mama prepared the chicken, put it in two post and placed them on the stove. She is making soup and couscous."

Wonder, being the kind of boy that he is, loves chicken soup and he especially loves mommy's couscous, but he also loves to make language soup and above all tease his big brother (older by 8 minutes,) so he replies in English but with a little twist - he decides to relate to his brother's statements in whichever language makes them sound dirtier.

- You should be ashamed of yourself talking dirty like that and telling all these lies. First of all I overheard them talking about it last night and that was not a chicken, but a rooster - secondly, if daddy caught his cock in our ass, I should have felt something but I slept like a baby.

- Wonder ...

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