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Flavius Mom page 11 Ernest Samuel Llime
with my other mind - there was Magdalena's pristine looking pussy, Madame Zorica's heavy tits, Paula's polka dotted bikini panties, Parvati's engorged nipples, Paula's beautifully rounded tits with my cock sandwiched between them, Magdalena's rosy anus with my buttered finger sliding right into it, Madam Zorica's hairy pussy peeking at me from the other side of her crystal balled table, Paula's red lipsticked lips. Madame Zorica's lips, Parvati's lips, Magdalena's lips, lips, lips, pussy lips, assholes, tits, and more pussy, I had fucked them all, over and over, and Parvati was starting to moan and biting the sheet, to avoid alerting the neighbors, Paula was letting out her orgasmic war cries, Magdalena was just  saying: yes, yes, do me, do me, me, Madame Zorica was saying: just fuck that pussy, come on you're doing great, and all the pussies were getting wet, drenched, dripping, glistening and the tip of my cock was releasing some pre-come fluid and then, in a time spanning chain reaction of the senses, Paula reached a most intense world-shattering orgasm, Madam Zorica squirted copiously, Magdalena arched her back and let out a loud sigh and Parvati drenched our bed and I came! I came in 1959, and I came in 1960, and I came in 1961 and I came in 2015, I came many, many times, I came inside Paula's ass, I came inside Paula's mouth and I came all over Paula's tits, I came inside Magdalena's ass, and I came all over her tits, all over her pussy, all over her cute little rosette of an anus, I came inside Madame Zorica's pussy and I came all over Vati and all over our bed and some of my come splashed onto the floor and onto the night table - I didn't know that there was still that much of it inside me.

I don't think I have anything else to add, other than perhaps a small personal wish - I wish that as I grow older, if my mind becomes befuddled and my senses scrambled. I wish to remember this, I wish to be able to travel to all of these focal points again and I wish to
hold them in my mind for as long as I have one - that's it.


© 2014 Ernest Samuel Llime All Rights Reserved.

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