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A Lexicon of Interlingual Homonyms page 2 Ernest Samuel Llime


  • kiss
  • where
  • cunt
  • cow

That pretty much makes my case - hope someone out there appreciates the work that went into this seemingly frivolous endeavor.

This is only scratching the surface - I will from time to time add words as I come across them. I can of course use all the help IO can get so, please send me your comments, suggestions as well as words that I could add to the lexicon - e-mail to Ernest Samuel Llime - I especially need words in languages that do not use Latin alphabets (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindu, Georgian, Greek etc.) though I need a phonetic (Latin alphabet) spelling, as well as name of the origin languages.

A large thank you to Wiktionary - a very helpful site that taught me some languages I have never heard of before. This is where I found that Interlingua is actually a language that was developed by IALA sometime in the last century. I thought that I was the first to coin that word. No matter, I am still going to use it because the meaning I assigned to it seems more valid - Interlingua (meaning "between languages" in Latin) describes my Lexicon perfectly.

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