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the (then) future prime-minister at a press conference held by the scientists who claimed to have created her.

Dec 25, 2018 14:15
- Akiva's Group makes news again. Yosef Ben-Hayim and his wife Yaffa, two of last night's contestants on "Israel's Got Talent," claim to be the avatars of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. The resemblance, both musical as well as physical is uncanny - the beard and side locks that Yosef sported could not hide his features and Yaffa's voice was: "can anyone else sing like that?" In addition, there was no mistaking the Hendrix chops on Yosef's rendition of the Israeli anthem. The Hasidic couple was featured, earlier today, on chef Yisrael Aharoni's show "Double Aharoni." In between cooking they explained that the previous year after they had become aware of their surroundings, they needed a long period of adjustment. The scientific explanations of the Akiva crew meant nothing to them and eventually they found a Rabbi who made a lot more sense. From then it was a small step to converting to Judaism and moving to Ashkelon where their Rabbi helped them find jobs. Their memories were not too happy, so they decided to renounce the drugs, alcohol and the debouched rock-star lives that they used to lead and dedicate themselves to a more modest and God fearing existence. Their Rabbi, Shlomo Ben-Tzvi only became aware of the entire story gradually, but when he finally got the most of it, he convinced them that talent comes from God and that they should not hide it, but use it to the greater glory of the Shem*. Aharoni, a longtime admirer of both their music, could only thank them for deciding to perform again. He also thanked their Rabbi for helping with that decision. It was quite funny and weirdly paradoxical that Yaffa, showed him how to cook Texas style mustard greens. Of course she substituted smoked turkey necks for the original ham hocks.

Feb 14, 2019 20:20
The Telegraph
- Amy Two Winehouse and Dr. Akiva Rubinstein announced on the set of the American TV show "The View" that they had come to the US to get married. Whoopi 
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