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Spirito-Philo-Mystical Essays page 3 Ernest Samuel Llime

By the time you get to be 13 or so, you have a pretty good idea about what's what. The schools try to teach you more stuff, your parents think they can still influence your thinking and you yourself are not always so sure; you're just cocky. At this point in your life, you may have already acquired the one ingredient that I personally never managed to; I mean faith.

What I did manage to acquire at some point, is a belief that things can be analyzed logically and a feeling that there is no rush; everything will be resolved in its own time. Which is probably the main ingredient that goes into the creation of an agnostic.

So, here's my main point: I definitely have the tools to make a decision about most institutions and/or philosophies without the need to analyze them too much. For instance at some point in my past I have decided to be on the side of God, even though I am an Agnostic. What I mean by that, is that at any point that I do not understand God's actions as described in the Bible, let's say, I assign Her (there no known reason why God should be referred to in the masculine,) benevolent intentions. To give you an example: When God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son, I can easily assume that she has a great sense of humor and she is trying to get Abraham to loosen up a little. (I will, in the future put on paper my thoughts about God's sense of humor.) Other interpretations could easily ascribe an
allegorical basis to biblical stories with the intention (a la Aesopus) to educate.

Yes, you have to take it all with a grain of salt, and you have the right to change your mind at any given time. To give you another for instance, I gave up on organized religion a long time ago. I do not think that humans have the right to burn, torture, kill, etc., other human beings in the name of any dogma (theological or otherwise.) I think that they misunderstood God's intentions.

And so, you know who you are, we come to me and my site; what exactly do you think my intentions are? I would appreciate it if you would ascribe me benevolent or at least benign motivations (It also philosophically sounder to find the simplest motivational explanation for things - like a straight line being the shortest distance between two points.) In any case:



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