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Jan 10, 2017 11:11
Jerusalem Post
- In an interview with Oded Ben-Ami on yesterday's "Six PM With " TV show, Dr. Akiva Rubinstein, Dr. Emile Hofstadter and Dr. Yael Zanav claimed to have successfully cloned Marilyn Monroe. Dr. Rubinstein, the world renowned temporal physicist explained that his experiments proved that it was impossible to transfer living organisms through time. Dr. Hofstadter, Professor of Mental Science at the Heidelberg University, Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology and possibly the world's foremost expert on the human brain continued with an explanation of how information can be transferred from one brain to another and Dr. Zanav, a cutting edge Israeli cloning scientist, finished with an explanation of how she had created a mindless clone from Marilyn's DNA. "Why Marilyn?" asked the host. Apparently the cost of the particular process was ridiculously expensive and the only source of available funds, had insisted on this particular subject. When asked why Marilyn did not come to the show, Dr. Rubinstein explained that there were a slew of local as well as international issues that needed to be resolved. He went on to say that all the tests administered to Marilyn Two were conclusively proving that the experiment was a resounding success.

August 28, 2017 10:10
- History repeats itself; Marilyn Two has an affair with Israeli Prime-Minister Naftali Borsec - thus claims the gossip column of the Israeli rag Ha'aretz. Marilyn Two who has surfaced this January in Israel, claims to be an avatar of Marilyn Monroe. A lot of controversy and not a little mystery surrounds this particularly beautiful woman who looks a lot like Marilyn Monroe did in her mid-twenties. A team of scientists composed of two Israelis and one German, claims to have transferred the mind of the original into this clone. The possibility seems quite far-fetched, though it seems that her fingerprints match those of the original Marilyn. The scientific community is split on this issue and it might take a while until these claims are resolved one way or another. Marilyn Two has no id's of any kind and the Israeli government has no record of her entering the country. Marilyn Two had met
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